Intimacy Explorers in the Time of Covid Series

Feeling like you want touch but might totally freak out if you got presented with it? Feeling the mating vibes of spring but still stuck in a catatonic pandemic ptsd state? Maybe you feel like your needs and wants for intimacy have shifted during this pandemic time and now you are in uncharted waters. What do I like? How do I ask? Can I relax enough to truly receive? How do I know other people's boundaries? What if the desire is there but we are jumpy as heck even being in the same space together?

This series is for both the solo and the partnered, the poly but on a pandemic break. We will be learning right relationship with ourselves and all others. That includes all sentient beings, animals and plants and co-workers and family. Intimacy is not just eroticism, it is how do I show up in my authenticity and allow myself to be seen by this other being? And do I have the capacity to receive their authenticity? Even if you have been isolating with others, even if you have had physical intimacy during this time, you may need or want a deeper understanding of what is going on in your body and the collective and how to be present for that in others.