Racial Justice Accountability

White folx are collectively coming into an awakening. We are all at different levels  of experience with racial justice work and we need somewhere to go where we can  get some guidance without extra burdening BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of  Color) to explain it to us or give us resources. 

A big part of doing the work is doing it for ourselves. But we need help. That's  where I come in. 

I am an imperfect white womxn and I make no claims to have it figured out but I  do  have skills and experience I can share to serve you and the cause. The work is  ongoing, I can be a step along your route. 

At the root of any wisdom I have is being raised in a multiracial family in a mostly white community, serving students and communities of color for eight years as an education specialist, my interracial marriage and how the world treated them/me/us all differently depending on who was around, years in the racial justice movement, years with chronic pain and illness honing my skills in discomfort, and of course my training and current profession specializing in the nervous system and trauma.  

So what would we do in a session? 

*Unpack your privilege at a manageable pace 

*Learn nervous system regulation tools for revolution

*Talk about shame and fear and what to do with them 

*Discuss resources and begin to work with those tools 

*Create your own personal Anti-Racism Action Plan  

This is short-term and long-term work. It requires rest and processing as well as action. I am a  support to the work that will be multi-faceted and ongoing. 

Sessions are 1 hour in length and tiered pricing in the hopes that it can be affordable for all ($50/75/125.) Sessions are done online and can be in person if  you are local to the Ann Arbor, MI area.  

ALL proceeds will go towards a racial justice organization that will be highlighted  and made transparent before the session takes place. Part of this reallocating will go towards providing free or low cost somatic sexology sessions for BIPOC folx in  the  community. 

Send an inquiry under the contact section or book directly online. 

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