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Somatic Sex Educator. Sexual Empowerment & Relationship Coach. Bodyworker. Energy worker. Yoga Instructor.

Shamanic rituals. Breathwork. Movement. Sound. Spells. 

Intimacy. Surrender. Power. Vulnerability. Courage.

Create Your Magic. 

"Feeling closed off or as if there simply must be something more life can offer? Something more about yourself you'd either like to know, be introduced to or discover or explore? I’ve spent so much of life this way and was drawn to the service Emily offers. Unlike anything you’ll ever experience,  Emily envelopes you in a very nonjudgmental space of being, open as well as honest, both yourself and her. She then guides you through any vulnerability to such unimaginable energies that submerge you into learning about your boundaries, limits as well as gently pushing beyond any barrier or learned behavior or beliefs that exist within yourself, allowing one to truly benefit from the session that will more than introduce you to how to own your feelings that are bottled up. Emily, your tantric guide/healer ~Simply THE BEST path to freedom, personal growth and satisfaction EVER!" ~JJ

"I came into my first meeting with Emily with an open mind and no real idea what to expect from my first tantra session. The unknown made me nervous at first, but after meeting her all that nervousness subsided. She has a very calm demeanor about her and was very mindful of where I was at. Everything was open to discussion and once we set our intentions for the session we were on our way. The various practices she introduced me to took some getting used to at first, but once I felt comfortable in the moment all sense of time and our surroundings vanished. I cant remember a time where I have felt so energized during an intimate encounter and when our time came to an end it really left my mind blown trying to comprehend what really just happened. I couldn't have asked for a better first experience of tantra and walked away eager to learn more. I feel if you are a novice in tantra like I am or a more practiced veteran, Emily is well worth your time." ~Chris

"Working with Emily absolutely changed my life, and I'm still feeling emotional walls break down from just one tantra session!. Before my session with her, I struggled for years with accepting my truest self and lived in a lot of confusion with my sexuality. This began to cause intimacy difficulties in my marriage. I happened to be searching for tantric bodywork one day and found her during my travels for work. She embraced me as if I were her own family and nurtured my thoughts without any judgment. She helped me develop my desire for embodiment and dancing more often, as well as LOVING every inch of my sensual side. She has a deep calling to heal those that desire freedom, and I would recommend her to absolutely anyone. She helped me work on saving my marriage, but most importantly she helped me save myself. I love her, I thank her, and I can't wait to work with her again. 

~ Lauren

"Emily is such an amazing human! I met her when I began my journey with Kundalini yoga back in 2014. I was immediately drawn to her, not just as a yoga teacher, but as an open hearted, powerful, and inspiring woman. Her light radiates, and I immediately got that feeling of, 'I want whatever she's on!' Her classes are filled with love, kindness, and a grounded flow. I continue to feel held and inspired by Emily as we connect through distant Reiki, Tarot readings, and witnessing her powerfully healing process dancing while she is on her journey abroad. The most recent gift that has impacted my life on an incredibly deep level, is her sharing with passion 'Ima be my own idol.' It struck me so viscerally and was exactly what I needed to hear. She inspired me to take this on, and I can now say, Ima a pretty kick ass idol for myself!" ~ Jess

"I received reiki from Emily weekly for a number of months at one point. I was in the sort of pain and misery that was not helped by medication of any sort. Not only was my pain eased during the session, but the effect would be felt long afterward. She created a sacred space that was so powerful, it lingered. The more we worked together, the more able I was to take care of myself
and the more my spirit stayed in balance." ~ Lisa

"My journey to the world of Kundalini Yoga started with Emily. I clearly remember the day I came to her class without any idea what to expect. 10 minutes into the class I could hardly hide my tears. Yes, I was crying. I was crying happy tears because deep down I realized that this is what I was looking for all these years during my search for perfect health and wellbeing. Emily's classes are authentic, they are filled with light and love, they are fun, they are deep, they are pure. She teaches from her heart. It is an amazing experience everyone should try!" ~ Tatiana

"Two nights in a row I woke up in the middle of the night overwhelmed with the warmest, loveliest sensation. This was a shift because normally this time of night I am awakened with anxiety or worry. This blanket of energy was centered in my chest. The warmth and love spread from my chest center into all of my appendages. I was cocooned in a very powerful healing energy. I remembered then that I had scheduled these sessions with Emily and that this was the reiki happening. I am a reiki practitioner myself so I know the power of this healing energy. It is just as powerful from a distance as if you were right there with the practitioner. Emily made some important shifts in my life with these two sessions." ~ Susan

"Reiki Level I with Emily was a transformative experience. She has infinite love for people and for what she does and isn't this what Reiki is all about? Creating channels of communication, opening your heart, and sharing your love. That is exactly what I received from Emily." ~ Yota.