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Start With Yourself. See How LOVE Takes Care of the Rest.

I'm Emily and I am a transformational power & pleasure guide. I lead people burnt out on the status quo back to their unique ecstatic life purpose. Back to the childlike wonder of possibility before the doubts and fears pilled on. That place of natural abundance, satisfaction and pleasure we inhabit before we  "should" all over ourselves. 


You have the capacity to heal whatever is keeping you from this. Here and now. In my experience, it is a fast trip that takes off when we say we are ready for something else. I will steward and guide you on this most epic and important journey of becoming. I will guide you into getting into your body, your feelings, your power and pleasure. It is a total game changer. 


Personally, my call for another way came when I got so physically sick I could not carry on with denying my body and feelings. I have a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and daily chronic pain has been a part of my life for decades. I have become bored with my stories. Of not being enough, undeserving, not worthy of love, pleasure and happiness. I have morphed from a very angry, agitated person into a loving, gentle powerhouse with an intentional shift towards the truth of who I am and the gifts I inherently bring.  I stopped taking western medicine for MS five years ago, yet my MS symptoms are nearly non-existent. I claim my birthright to the juiciness and wonder of this magical life. I am enough, I am okay, I am on my way. I believe my transformation is one that all beings can make. I believe you are here because you sense that too.

I envision a world where everyone is able to fulfill their healing needs. Where we build our skills and share freely with one another. Where the Queer community and People of Color have equal access to reawakening their souls. Where self-healing is not seen as self-indulgent but rather a necessary step for social change. Where hierarchies of healing are dismantled and we allow ourselves to feel the gray of no either/or. The expansive capacity of the Universe to hold healing for us all, that in fact demands it for the other in order to be truly felt in our own bodies.

Do something revolutionary. Invest in yourself. There is no way to progress forward without first going inward loves. Let's do this together.