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Yoga & Meditation​

Movement Coaching

Get into your body and your power with breath, movement and sound. We pull from neo Tantra shamanistic practices and Kundalini Yoga.

Kundalini Yoga is a beautiful technology that honors yoga in it's ancient form. Physical postures are combined with Pranayam (breathing practices), sacred mantras (chanting), mudras (hand positions), Drishti (eye foci), and Shavasana (deep relaxation) for a complete practice. It is a workout and spiritual practice all in one. You will move energy.

Offering sessions in Devon, England and video sessions worldwide.



Usui Reiki is energetic therapy that involves a light hands-on touch to bring your body's flow of energy back into ease. Recipients can receive emotional release, improvement in physical symptoms and pain, a reduction in anxiety, and a rejuvenating boost in life force energy that can launch projects and dreams forward.  


Reiki can be done with hovering hands for sensitive bodies or those with touch related trauma. And I offer long- distance reiki so that you may receive wherever you are , anytime, with the same powerful effects.


Offering sessions in Devon, England and remotely everywhere.