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Somatic Sexology

What makes Somatic Sexology different than tantra?


Firstly, they are similar in their emphasis on tuning into the body, experiencing sensation and feelings more deeply, and utilizing breath, movement and sound to do so. 

They are different in approach.  You may have noticed tantra sessions are done a million ways, so I will speak to the difference in my sessions.

Whereas tantra sessions can be described as a journey where we lose track of time, and sometimes our bodies and speech, in Somatic Sexology the key is slow, timed intervals of activities designed to get you highly acquainted with every nuance of your body. Tantra is more transcendent, whereas Somatic Sexology is deeply embodied.  

I tend to recommend Sexology work if you are navigating a complex issue or something that has been nagging at you for years. This could be pain, illness, post-surgery. It could also be ongoing difficulty with premature ejaculation, difficulty with erection/arousal or orgasm.  I also recommend it to folks with a history of trauma or abuse as you are the one determining the pace, have the final say in exercises, and the lineage is centered on Wheel of Consent. 

Somatic Sexology can be a great fit for folks who have curiosity around sexuality but are shy about what that usually entails. If intimacy, partner engagement, or  your own naked body give you some panic or pause, sexology sessions allow you to traverse these waters over time, at your own pace and at your optimal learning edge. 

Sessions are client-led. Your body is the teacher and we work at the pace your body sets. 

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