Tantra means "to weave and expand." In the West, it has come to be largely associated with sexuality, and specifically in "lasting longer." What the west has co-opted has become known as Neo-Tantra, when in reality I have never been at a Neo-Tantra gathering or workshop where teachings tracing back to the origins and original usages of Tantra were cited. 

I have since broken from the appropriation and irresponsible, willfully uninformed and outright abusive world of Neo-Tantra, specifically Eugene Hedlund and his school Tribal Tantra. The healing I received at the time still remains true. So does the indoctrinated looking away of power dynamics, gaslighting and wanting to believe we were all receiving healing when many in the space were also receiving a double-down on their trauma. My complicity in this is not okay.


For those who have had "Tantra" sessions with me, know that if you experienced healing, this was the beauty of your body's wisdom and our co-Devotion to the Divine at the same time. I had the skills of presence, listening, and unconditional acceptance (with a dose of tough love) before my training in Neo-Tantra. I was a teacher of breathwork and focus of attention before my training in Neo-Tantra. And these skills were enhanced by my most recent trauma-informed Sexological Bodywork certification with The Sea School of Embodiment (since changed to certification in Somatic Sex Education.)


The trauma informed deep presencing skills I have brought to these sessions also come from my continued training with Ellen Heed and her STREAM training (Scar Tissue Remediation, Education and Management.) 

I hope that you do not take any spiritual opening and body acceptance you received with me and apply it to finding a teacher, training or festival in the Neo-Tantra world. There is ancient Tantra to study, and there are also more current, culturally appropriate and inclusive sacred sexual and somatic modalities to choose from. All have their blind spots and areas they need to get better on. I have not encountered any thus far who are so arrogantly unapologetic and willfully harmful as the teachers and schools in the western Neo-Tantra world. If you have questions, concerns, or plans of action you would like to scheme on, please reach out under my Going Deeper tab.

If you would like a session with me and Sexological Bodywork does not sound like the right fit. I still offer Erotic Breathwork, Meditation, Energetics & Massage online and  in person in Portugal. Yes, all of this translates to online. And without hearing any of the above, the sessions will probably still feel the same. We can still connect, weave, shed, reveal and expand through the ethers and without the pretense of false names and false teachers. 

How does this look in sessions with me? We weave meditation, body scan, talk counseling, bodywork, intimacy exercises and deep relaxation to address your needs and wants as a whole. All feelings and expressions are welcome. Talking about taboos, hidden desires, unmet needs and curiosities are all welcome. ALL OF YOU IS WELCOME.


For an hour and a half you are invited to be exactly as you are. And you get a curious witness to amplify the healing you undergo and an able guide to take you to new heights you may not have thought possible. Experiencing just how open, adventurous and honest you can be in a safe and nonjudgmental space will give you the freedom to explore more both in your intimate relationships and in life in general.


Think going for that job you have always wanted. Expressing your interest in the person your heart pounds for. Speaking truth to power on topics you never thought yourself capable of. Being there for your partners at a depth you did not know possible.


I work one-on-one, with partnerships of any kind , and with groups. I work with folks worldwide through video and phone sessions. I hold sacred sexual space for you to feel the safety and courage to explore your strength and vulnerability. I guide you in unearthing patterns and stored emotions that no longer serve you. Together we rewrite your hero's story of claiming your freedom, your joy and pleasure, your full power.