Tantra means "to weave and expand." In the West, it has come to be largely associated with sexuality, and specifically in "lasting longer." Truth is, sexuality is a big part of a tantric practice because sexuality is a huge part of who we are. If you feel called or curious to explore Tantra through your sexuality, you will probably find that the non-dual teachings you experience in a session expand into every aspect of life.

How does this look in sessions with me? We weave meditation, body scan, talk counseling, bodywork, intimacy exercises and deep relaxation to address your needs and wants as a whole. All feelings and expressions are welcome. Talking about taboos, hidden desires, unmet needs and curiosities are all welcome. ALL OF YOU IS WELCOME.

That is the magic about a Tantra session. It is a few hours where you are invited to be exactly as you are. And you get a curious witness to amplify the healing you undergo and an able guide to take you to new heights you may not have thought possible. Experiencing just how open, adventurous and honest you can be in a safe and nonjudgmental space will give you the freedom to explore more both in your intimate relationships and in life in general.


Think going for that job you have always wanted. Expressing your interest in that person you have had your eye on. Trying the hobby that has always called you but you thought you were too busy for. ​

Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, I work one-on-one, with partnerships of any kind , and with groups. I also work with folks worldwide through video and phone sessions. I hold sacred sexual space for you to feel the safety and courage to explore your strength and vulnerability. I guide you in unearthing patterns and stored emotions that no longer serve you. Together we rewrite your hero's story of claiming your freedom, your joy and pleasure, your full power.