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Tantra & Somatic Sex Education 

I guide beings ready for MORE to move authentically from self-doubt into lives full of purpose, satisfaction, pleasure and success. I moved myself from a life of physical pain, illness, unsuccessful relationships, unfulfilling sex and money scarcity into yummy abundance across all of these realms. I can guide you in doing the same, in just six short weeks of mega transformation. You can make a dent in one session!

Tantra is the beautiful art of non-dual presence. Nothing good or bad. All senses on board to take it all in. We go down and in to experience every sensation, every feeling. Movement, breath and sound. We heal by flowing with whatever comes up. If you can feel it, you can heal it.

Somatic Sex Education and Sexological Bodywork is about learning to be in your body and navigate more presence and pleasure. It uses the power of accessing your sexuality to heal your life similar to tantra but the methods and techniques differ. We will do an initial intake and assess the right modality for you. 

I am a Tantric Counselor and Power & Pleasure Guide for individuals and partners. I am a Tantric Facilitator for group sessions. I hold sacred sexual space for you to feel the safety and courage to explore your strength and vulnerability. I guide you in unearthing patterns and stored emotions that no longer serve you. Together we rewrite your hero's story of claiming your freedom, your joy and pleasure, your full power.

Offering 6-week transformational journeys if you are ready to usher in your fullest life NOW.